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New Velvet : NV

Pronounced like the word "envy" a new paper sample brand created for CMYKhubs new Laminate Artboard. 

The Product

A innovative soft New Velvet Laminate on 450+ Artboard.


Be Quality

Printed on durable 450+ Artboard. This revolutionary range introduces a never before seen dimension that is the next evolution.

Be Touched

Laminated with a luxurious soft touch that gifts unparalleled textile quality, the NV boasts velvet-smoothness pleasurable to the senses.

Be Remembered

First impressions are everything. Achieve greater vibrancy and depth of colour through our high quality UV varnish and Scodix ink.

Be Envied

The NV range comes in a range of varieties. Each will redefine your professional style through intrigue and quality.

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