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Abraini - Su Filindeu

For over 300 years the women of the Abraini family have passed down the unique recipe and technique of Su Filindeu the ‘Threads of the Gods’ and it is considered as the world’s rarest pasta.


The Abraini logo is designed to represent the unique technique of Su Filindeu and its surrounding culture. It is a representation of the process of the pasta being stretched out in a circle to be air dried in the sun.


The packaging is then opened with anticipation, wrapped with soft paper, paired and tied with a hemp string to represent the raw ingredients, but also bringing a sense of history and culture. Inside the packaging includes a card with written description and history of the pasta, with a recipe card of how cook the pasta traditionally.


The packaging design is very abstract, the gold foiling in the intricate lines are to represent the name Su Filindeu “Threads of the Gods”.  When the packaging is placed upside down it becomes a window that is working with the logo becoming an interpretation of a stained glass windows in churches.

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